Crosman Airsoft Guns
Crosman has been creating CO2 guns since the 1930s, and they’re still going strong. They manufacture outstanding replicas and innovative new models that people love to shoot, such as the Crosman Pulse R77 AEG airsoft rifle and the Duty Calls DCM4AT Training Airsoft Rifle. Many of their weapons are officially licensed from the U.S. Army. Crosman also creates some of the finest, most affordable airsoft pistols, such as the Air Mag 1911 and the Crosman C11 pistols. Crosman airsoft guns fire 6-millimeter ammunition, and their velocities vary based on the style and model you choose. Most fire at velocities between 200 feet per second and 420 feet per second. These airsoft guns are highly customizable because many feature Weaver-Picatinny rail systems, adjustable stocks and sling mounts just like their real counterparts do. Airgun Warehouse is proud to carry Crosman airsoft guns because they’re reliable, predictable and affordable. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our collection; there’s something for everyone here.
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Crosman Airsoft Fun Kit With Zombie Target
Code: PY-2793
$49.99   $89.95

Crosman ASP311 Spring Airsoft Pistol, Black
Code: PY-2837
$14.99   $19.99

Crosman Elite Stinger R33 Spring Airsoft Rifle
Code: PY-3477
$29.99   $39.99

Crosman M14 Spring Carbine Airsoft Rifle
Code: PY-3444
$37.95   $49.95

Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft Rifle, Full Stock
Code: PY-2598
$79.99   $139.95

Crosman R71
Code: PY-1591
$49.95   $59.95

Crosman Stinger Challenge Airsoft Kit
Code: PY-2634
$27.95   $44.99

Crosman Stinger R34
Code: PY-634
$37.95   $59.99

Crosman Tactical R71, Clear and Black
Code: PY-2306
$49.99   $59.99

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