Black Water
Keep your shooting skills fresh and save big money on ammo by ordering a Blackwater air pistol. These powerful pistols are designed for 0.177-caliber rounds and can shoot just over 300 feet per second. They are medium loud, single-action and semiautomatic.

Many Blackwater air pistols feature functional slides, which gives you the genuine feel of an authentic firearm. With textured grips and fixed sights on most of these weapons, they're easy to handle and simple to aim. Most are equipped with Weaver accessory rails that make them easy to customize. Because Blackwater uses full metal construction, it really does feel like you are holding an actual firearm in your hand. For that reason, they are ideal for practicing on- and off-range.

Airgun Warehouse carries Blackwater CO2 pistols because they are durable, reliable and accurate. We offer them at competitive prices because we enjoy shooting sports just as much as you do, and we want to ensure that your budget isn't holding you back.
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Blackwater BW1911 R2 CO2 Pistol
Code: PY-3227
$109.99   $149.95

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