Evanix Pellet Guns
Evanix airguns are powerful and well-designed, and they are ideal for hunting small game and clearing out backyard pests. Whether you are looking for a PCP air rifle with a thumbhole stock or you want a semiautomatic rifle that can pump out dozens of rounds before needing a refill, Evanix makes the right weapon for you.

Many of Evanix's precharged pneumatic models feature semi-automatic firing and built-in manometers to show display pressure levels. With a wide range of shooting speeds that spans from 680 feet per second on the low end to more than 1,300 on the high end, you can find an airgun that meets your needs at Airgun Warehouse.

We carry Evanix 0.177-caliber, 0.22-caliber and 0.25 caliber air rifles for the smallest game. If you need something larger, browse our collection of 0.357-caliber and 0.45-caliber air rifles, which are ideal for larger backyard pests. They're great for target shooting as well, and each of these weapons can give you hours of fun any day.
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Evanix Conquest PCP Air Rifle, Thumbhole Stock
Code: PY-2668-5256
$1,699.99   $1,899.99

Evanix Conquest PCP Air Rifle, Thumbhole Stock
Code: PY-2668-5258
$1,849.95   $1,929.95

Evanix Max-ML Bullpup
Code: PY-3394-6524
$1,099.99   $1,299.99

Evanix Max-ML Bullpup
Code: PY-3394-6525
$1,199.99   $1,399.99

Evanix Max-ML Bullpup
Code: PY-3394-6526
$1,299.99   $1,499.99

Evanix Max-ML Bullpup
Code: PY-3394-6730
$1,399.99   $1,599.99

Evanix Max-ML Bullpup
Code: PY-3394-6731
$1,499.99   $1,599.99

Evanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup
Code: PY-3032-5864
$699.99   $945.95

Evanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup
Code: PY-3032-5865
$899.99   $945.95

Evanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup
Code: PY-3032-5866
$929.95   $995.95

Evanix Rainstorm 3D Bullpup
Code: PY-3032-5867
$999.99   $1,095.95

Evanix Rainstorm II PCP Air Rifle
Code: PY-2750-5384
$799.99   $850.00

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