Air Pistols by Gamo
Gamo air pistols feature innovative designs and powerful mechanisms that make them useful in target shooting as well as small game hunting. We carry many models of these tactical air guns, including pistols and CO2 submachine guns. Some Gamo air pistols are equipped with fixed front and rear sights, while others feature fixed fiber optic front sights and windage-adjustable rear sights. Most of the Gamo air pistols we carry come with textured grips for increased comfort and control.

Many of the air pistols you will see here come with accessory rails that allow you to affix laser sights and other add-ons. With smooth, stable trigger pulls and manual safety features, Gamo air pistols are nice for those who are just learning to shoot and for avid enthusiasts. Different models feature different loudness, with most falling in the medium or medium-high range. Whether you are looking for something that shoots at 450 feet per second or you would like something with a higher velocity, you will find what you need here.
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Gamo C-15 Blowback CO2 Pistol
Code: PY-3288
$99.99   $118.95

Gamo MP9 Blowback CO2 Submachine Gun
Code: PY-3289
$129.99   $159.95

Gamo P-25 air pistol
Code: PY-2207
$89.99   $109.95

Gamo P-25 Tactical Air Pistol
Code: PY-2206
$159.99   $189.95

Gamo P-900 IGT Air Pistol
Code: PY-3377
$59.99   $79.95

Gamo PR-776 CO2 Revolver
Code: PY-3662
$99.99   $120.00

Gamo PT-80
Code: PY-288
$79.99   $89.95

Gamo PT-85 Blowback Tactical Air Pistol
Code: PY-2209
$219.99   $269.95

Gamo PT-85 CO2 Pistol
Code: PY-2208
$99.99   $119.95

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