Heckler & Koch Air Pistols
Heckler and Koch has been manufacturing small arms and light weapons for more than 50 years, and they make reliable, durable air guns as well. Designed for accuracy, their BB and pellet pistols are great for target shooting and many other applications. H&K CO2 pistols are used all over the world in training and real-world scenarios. Most models feature metal slides, textured grips and integrated accessory rails.

Airgun Warehouse has delivered quality air pistols since 2004, and we are proud to carry these accurate Heckler and Koch models. Each features realistic hammer movement that strongly resembles the movement of a genuine firearm, as well as adjustable front and rear sights that match those on their firearm counterparts. H&K air pistols feature less recoil and a lighter weight than their firearm counterparts, too. Other than those factors, the two types are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Because we are committed to your satisfaction, we look forward to providing you with your next Heckler and Koch air gun.
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H&K P30 CO2 Pistol - 15 Shot bb, 8 Shot Pellet
Code: PY-1799
$209.99   $249.99

H&K USP CO2 BB Pistol, 22 Round Mag.
Code: PY-1798
$45.99   $60.00

HK45 CO2 BB Pistol
Code: PY-3559
$47.99   $54.99

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