Cleaning Kits, Shooting Glasses, Chronographs & More
At Airgun Warehouse, we understand that there is much more to Airsoft and backyard shooting than simply firing your weapon. You need cleaning kits, shooting glasses, chronographs and more, and we are just the company to provide them. Our extensive selection includes GAMO Sped Oil, Feinwerkbau gun grease and Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black Metal Finish. We have gun stock wax, safe synthetic cleaners and many other necessary items, as well. Our selection would not be complete with cleaning tools, including bore brushes, bore mops and super brush swabs, so you will find those here as well. We have complete cleaning kits, shooter cases that you can fill with supplies and even OTIS Flex Cleaning Kits, the same small, round kits that are issued to the U.S. Army’s soldiers for their authentic weapons. All of the cleaning kits, shooting glasses, chronographs and other products you see here are affordable; that is because we don’t want you to spend a fortune maintaining your equipment.
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GAMO Speed Oil Pellet Lube Spray, 25ml
Code: PY-A-4800
$17.99   $24.95

Feinwerkbau Special Gun Grease for FWB PCPs, 4g
Code: PY-A-4912
$12.45   $14.95

Air Venturi Moly Metal-to-Metal Paste, 1 oz.
Code: PY-A-3498
$11.95   $15.00

Air Venturi MP-5 Metalophilic Oil, 4oz
Code: PY-A-612
$4.99   $6.00

Ballistol Lube, Aerosol Spray, 6 oz.
Code: PY-A-2072
$8.99   $12.95

Birchwood Casey Gun and Reel Silicone Cloth
Code: PY-A-2703
$4.50   $7.50

Birchwood Casey Gun Stock Wax, 3 oz.
Code: PY-A-1092
$5.99   $9.00

Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Paste Gun Blue, 2 oz.
Code: PY-A-1094
$5.99   $10.00

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