Eun Jin Hunting Air Rifles
Powerful and accurate, Eun Jin Sumatra air rifles are ideal for hunting. Most feature extremely high velocities, ranging from about 910 feet per second to 1,260 feet per second. Although they rank highly on the loudness scale, these air rifles are worth it because they are extremely useful for pest control and small game hunting.

Our selection of high-powered Eun Jin Sumatra hunting air rifles includes 0.22-caliber and 0.25-caliber models. These precharged pneumatic air rifles have two built-in chambers that hold up to 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure from a compressor, a SCUBA tank or a hand pump. The front and rear sights are adjustable, and the rear sights are a two-hole aperture that flips from small to large (just like on military M-16s and M-4s) and adjusts for windage. For the most part, you can shoot about 11 shots on the "High Power" setting and squeeze off about 18 on medium power.

These remarkable Eun Jin Sumatra air rifles are a must-have if you are aiming for pest control or you're an avid small-game hunter, and we are offering them at very competitive prices.
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Sumatra 2500 Carbine
Code: PY-463-1295
$649.99   $725.99

Sumatra 2500 Carbine
Code: PY-463-2274
$649.99   $725.99

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