Air Venturi Flash Suppressor, Fits AirForce Bounty Hunter Air Rifles, 1/2"x28tpi
Code: PY-A-4189
$19.95   $25.00

call 903-571-1873
Flash suppressor Fits AirForce Bounty Hunter air rifles 1/2"x28tpi (internal threads) AirForce Bounty Hunter air rifles come with our custom flash hiders. When we sell a Bounty Hunter rifle, we have to thread the barrel to fit the flash hider. If you already have a threaded barrel on your Bounty Hunter and need a different or spare flash hider, this will fit. If you're ordering a Condor, Talon or Talon SS (or an extra AirForce barrel) at the same time and want us to thread the outside of your barrel (for a minimal fee), then click the "Add Service" button.
call 903-571-1873

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