Sam Yang - Large Bore Air Rifles
Sam Yang large bore air rifles, designed and manufactured in Korea, are powerful and versatile enough to use on a range of targets. These single-shot, precharged pneumatic air rifles feature bolt-action and dual air chambers. With built-in manometers and hardwood Monte Carlo stocks, these economical air rifles are reliably accurate when you need to come up with tight shot groups; as long as your gun is properly sighted-in, you can consistently hit center-mass on a paper target because of their long, rifled barrels.

The Sam Yang big bore air rifles you see here are capable of shooting at velocities between 679 feet per second and 983 feet per second. They are available in 0.357-caliber, 0.45-caliber and 0.50-caliber models, so you can choose what works best for your needs. Most are loud, so it's advisable to use ear protection each time you shoot your Sam Yang Big Bore. Airgun Warehouse carries multiple Sam Yang styles, including the Recluse and the Dragon Claw, and we offer them at competitive, affordable prices.
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Sam Yang Big Bore 44 909 Light Hunter
Code: PY-394
$699.95   $729.95

Sam Yang Big Bore 909S
Code: PY-516
$669.95   $699.95

Sam Yang Recluse Air Rifle
Code: PY-2501
$669.95   $699.95

Sam Yang Recluse Dual Tank Air Rifle
Code: PY-2510
$699.95   $729.95

Dragon Claw Air Rifle
Code: PY-2499
$669.95   $699.95

Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle
Code: PY-2500
$699.99   $729.99

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