PCP Probes, Adapters & Scuba Tank Adapters
Airgun fittings, probes and adapters are necessities for the serious sportsman. Whether you need a replacement valve for a carbon fiber tank, a SCUBA yoke with a K-valve or a DIN valve adapter, you will...read more
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AirForce Scuba Refill Clamp with Gauge
Code: PY-A-2774
$69.95   $73.95

Scuba tank adapter
Code: PY-A-374
$54.99   $79.95

Scuba tank adapter and hose
Code: PY-A-534
$79.99   $130.00

AirForce Scuba Tank Adapter, DIN Connector
Code: PY-A-3019
$91.95   $96.95

Benjamin Scuba Yoke, K-Valve
Code: PY-A-4151
$119.99   $134.95

Benjamin Scuba Yoke, DIN Valve
Code: PY-A-4152
$129.99   $150.00

Creedmoor Sports K Valve to 200 DIN Valve Adapter
Code: PY-A-3973
$39.95   $55.00

AirForce Scuba Tank Adapter K-valve, Steel Hose
Code: PY-A-3018
$91.95   $96.95

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