Feinwerkbau 700 Junior Wood

Meets requirements for ISSF competition

The road to a gold medal starts with the right rifle. The Beeman FWB 700 Junior with a laminated wood stock is the ideal airgun for youngsters who are shooting for the top! This downsized, lighter version of the standard FWB 700 rifle gives away nothing when it comes to adjustability, accuracy and ease of use. And, no matter how good you get, you'll never be able to out-shoot its potential...even if you're a gold medalist! Because this rifle is powered by high-pressure air, the cocking lever requires an easy 2 lbs. of effort. To help you get more practice time, the dry-fire capability lets you safely and repeatedly fire the gun.

Engineered by the famous Feinwerkbau factory in Germany, the FWB 700 Junior is infinitely adjustable to accommodate junior competitors. The butt can be adjusted in every direction to match the shooter's requirements. The rifle has a raised cheekpiece that's highly adjustable either up or down (30mm range) and canted top to bottom or vice versa (up to 20 degrees). As if that isn't enough, the cheekpiece can be canted left to right by 15 degrees, and the entire unit can be moved 5mm left or right.

The 16.73" barrel is covered by a shroud that's just over 20" long. It comes equipped with a globe front sight that accepts inserts and a diopter rear sight. These are so fine and such high quality that they cost more than most air rifles!

The 5-way adjustable trigger is considered one of the finest in the world. The dual-range trigger-pull weight adjusts from 30 to 90 grams and from 60 to 150 grams. You can adjust every part of the trigger, including pull-off point, initial travel, finger length, lateral position and trigger slack weight. Best of all, adjustments can be made quickly and easily without any tools and can even be made in the middle of a match!

All this would mean nothing without accuracy, and the FWB 700 Junior has proven itself. With accuracy of 0.04" (center-to-center), you'll leave the competition standing in your wake.


Junior shooters can capture the gold with this Olympic-level air rifle!

Laminated wood stock

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