IZH Drozd BB - Refillable 12oz. CO2

Refillable 12-oz. CO2 tank lets you shoot with less hassle!  No more changing 12-gram CO2 cartridges!   Includes large aluminum case.  Greater accuracy & increased consistency.

The Drozd is made in Russia by IZH-Baikal.  This one has been specially modified with a refillable 12-oz. CO2 tank that will shoot about 1,300 shots before you have to refill it! (Modification voids the warranty.)  Spend less time (and money) on small CO2 cartridges and more time shooting. If you want to convert back to 12-gram CO2 cartridges, you can easily do that!  As shown in the picture, the CO2 gas flows from the tank into an adapter housed in the grip. That adapter is the same size and shape as a standard 12-gram CO2 cartridge.

There are three switches to operate the unique select-fire mechanism.  The first one turns on the gun.  The second one selects the firing mode: semi-auto (one shot with each pull of the trigger), three-round burst (full-auto) or six-round burst (full-auto).  The third switch controls the burst rate: 300 rounds per minute, 450 rounds per minute or 600 rounds per minute. 

The gun comes with a detachable shoulder stock (increases length by 5.75 but cannot be used with 20-oz. tank), scope rail, sights, one 30-round magazine and a BB loader.  The magazine holds the ammo and the CO2 cartridge.  This black Russian wonder is great as an all-day plinker.  If you'd like to mount a pistol scope or red dot, that's easy enough with the 11mm dovetails.

The tank screws into an adapter, from which the hose exits. That's where the connection is made. It is okay to leave CO2 in the tank during times when you are not using the gun. There is no need to unscrew the tank from the gun except to fill it.

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