IMI Jericho 941F CO2 Pistol, Semi-Auto
Code: PY-1734
$49.95   $69.95

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The Jericho 941 was designed by IMI (Israel Military Industries) and has been on the market since 1990. At fi rst it used .41 caliber munitions, but this caliber did not fi nd acceptance in the marketplace. The Jericho was then offered in 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45ACP. The Cybergun replica is a Soft Air CO2 model with locked breech. The advantage of this technology is that the gas serves only to propel the pellet, making possible a velocity at the mouth of the barrel of 100 m/s with a 0.20 g pellet (meaning a power of one Joule). This power is very well directed by a BAX trajectory correction system. The release is smooth and gradual. Taking aim is assisted by the two white points located on the backsight. The magazine has a 15 pellet capacity and it accommodates the CO2 sparklette. You will note that one cartridge lets you fi re more than 200 pellets. This is exceptional performance for a Gas Gun.
call 903-571-1873

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