KWA M1911 MKIII PTP Blowback, Metal Gas Pistol
Code: PY-2351
$164.95   $199.95

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The KWA M1911 MKIII PTP Blowback is a heavy duty green gas powered pistol with a reputation for solid performance on the battlefield. This pistol is an authentic replica of a real 1911, and features a NS2 gas blowback delivery system, a full metal 14 Rd magazine, and a shot velocity of 330-345 fps (using .20g BBs). An adjustable hop-up unit also offers increased power and accuracy to the shooting experience. Airsoft enthusiasts will love the realistic look and feel of this awesome gun. Take aim and fire! The KWA M1911 MKIII PTP Blowback Pistol includes: silicone oil, hop-up adjustment tool, and bonus package of 50 airsoft BBs. Features: NS2 Gas Delivery System Adjustable Hop-Up Plastic Handlegrips 45 Days Product Warranty [US only] Lifetime Tech Support
call 903-571-1873

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