Beretta SX4 Tactical CO2 BB Shotgun
  • Beretta SX4 BB shotgun
  • CO2-powered
  • Uses a single 88-gram CO2 tank
  • Shoots steel BBs
  • 480 fps (250 fps for 3-shot bursts)
  • 40-shot mag
  • 3-shot burst or individual BBs
  • Integrated tactical Weaver/Picatinny rails for dot sights, lasers & flashlights
  • An all-day shootin' blast!
  • Never shoot steel BBs at hard objects

Blast away all day long with this fun BB shooter! The 88-gram CO2 tank will deliver a lot of shots, extending the fun even longer.

BBs are known to rebound (ricochet). Do not shoot at hard objects or water. Everyone in the area...not just the shooter...should wear safety glasses when this gun is being shot. Remember to remove all pets, as shots can rebound and hit them.

Beretta SX4 Tactical CO2 BB shotgun...1 or 3 BBs with each pull of the trigger (410 fps shooting 1 BB, 250 fps shooting 3 BBs)

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