Umarex Steel Force CO2 BB Gun
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Tactical rifles are very popular and their BB gun counterparts are no exception to the rule. The Umarex Steel Force CO2 powered BB gun not only sounds wicked, it looks just as wicked! With it's all black tactical style design, this switchable semi auto/full auto rifle will put the fear into anyone that you face at the target range. Especially when they hear those six-round bursts when you have full auto selected!  This bad boy holds a massive 300 rounds in its reservoir with 30 rounds in the clip.  With this much fire power, the Steel Force uses two CO2 cartridges that locate within the vertical magazine of the gun. These two cartridges give you up to 200 rounds of firing power before you need to replace them. This tactical rifle comes with flip up front and rear sights but if that's not enough you can utilize the Weaver/Picatinny optics rail and accessory rail for any additional optics, scopes or accessories that you wish to use. As always, BB guns are designed for target practicing and plinking competitions and should never be fired at other people. Always use proper safety equipment such as safety glasses to avoid any injury from ricocheting BBs. At just under three and a half pounds, this rifle is capable of supplying fun all day long!

  • Umarex Steel Force BB gun
  • Uses two (2) 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • BB repeater
  • 30rd magazine
  • 300rd reservoir
  • Full-/semi-auto
  • 6-rd burst mode in full-auto
  • Flip-up front and rear sights
  • CO2 compartment located in the fake vertical magazine located under the barrel
  • Adjustable stock length (24.40" to 28.20")
  • Integral Weaver/Picatinny optics rail and accessory rail

Remember to wear eye protection when shooting any BB gun and never shoot at hard targets or water. Everyone in the area where this is being shot should wear eye protection. Remove all pets from the shooting vicinity, as the steel BBs can ricochet and seriously injure them.

Tactical BB rifle has adj. stock & uses two 12-gram CO2 cartridges

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