Crosman Z357 Ztorm Metal CO2 Airsoft Revolver

Revolvers have been a popular sidearm in just about every war since WWI. It's remained just as popular as it was during the settling of the west in the 1800's. Every lawman and outlaw carried some form of a six-shooter revolver. The Crosman Z357 Ztorm Metal C02 Airsoft Revolver takes you back to the era of Dirty Harry and his 357 Magnum revolver. At 450 feet per second, the .240 caliber smooth bore shoots plastic pellets. The rear sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage and you can quickly switch between double-action and single action triggering. With an eight-round clip, this weapon is suitable for plinking and for a side arm during skirmishes. At less than 1 1/2 pounds, you can carry this sidearm all day long. If you feel lucky punk, snap up this revolver while they last!

  • Airsoft revolver
  • Functional safety
  • Working hammer
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Textured grips
  • Made in Taiwan

Crosman Z357 Ztorm C02 Airsoft Revolver

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