S200 Sporter
Code: PY-348
$729.99   $850.00

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All S200 guns are 12 ft-lbs.

The S200 provides a low cost introduction to pcp shooting that is small in size but big on performance.

This is a single-shot rifle, but there's a 10-shot magazine adapter that converts it into a repeater.

Use this gun for hunting very small game at short and medium distances. The .177 can also be used for field target. It's lightweight and comfortable to hold.

It comes with a quick-release connector for the air reservoir. You'll get about 50-60 shots from a single air charge. The max fill pressure is 190 bar (2,700 psi). The max velocity is 800 fps (7.9-grain pellet) in .177 and 581 in .22 caliber.

Manufactured by CZ Brno. Distributed by Air Arms (UK)

No sights or scope included! You must buy a scope and mount or diopter sights.

Click on the AMMO link for suggested pellets and the ACCESSORIES link for scopes & mounts, diopter sights, targets, glasses & more.

call 903-571-1873

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