IZH Drozd BB Pistol

Your gun may be marked Drozd, IZH-Drozd or MP-Drozd and may have any one of these mfr names: IZH, IZH-Baikal or Baikal. They all come from the same plant and are manufactured to the same specs. The guns are identical.

The Drozd is made in Russia by IZH-Baikal. It uses a standard 12-gram CO2 cartridge and six AA batteries. There are three switches to operate the unique select-fire mechanism. The first one turns on the gun. The second one selects the firing mode: semi-auto (one shot with each pull of the trigger), three-round burst (full-auto) or six-round burst (full-auto). The third switch controls the burst rate: 300 rounds per minute, 450 rounds per minute or 600 rounds per minute.

The gun comes with:

  • a detachable shoulder stock (increases length by 5.75")
  • scope rail
  • sights
  • one 30-round magazine
  • a BB loader

The magazine holds the ammo and the CO2 cartridge. This black Russian wonder is great as an all-day plinker. If you'd like to mount a pistol scope or red dot, that's easy enough with the 11mm dovetails.   Shoot all day!  A fun gun that's great for plinking.

Ninety-day limited repair warranty on factory defects of the metal parts, and a 30-day warranty on seals.

We also offer an upgraded version that includes a durable aluminum pistol case (18"Lx13"Wx5"H) with keyed latches and three layers of high-density foam.

Shoot all day! A fun gun that's great for plinking.

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