Daisy Powerline 901 Multi Pump, Single Shot Pellet Holds 50 bb's Light-weight!
Code: PY-846
$59.99   $71.99

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Full-power rifle! Shoots BBs or .177 pellets.    TruGlo front sight and adjustable rear; mount a scope for increased accuracy. Daisy's Powerline 901 sends BBs screaming downrange at 750 fps (715 for pellets)! (Never shoot BBs at metal objects!)  Such power is built for adult use and teens 16 and over (with adult supervision).  The gun is a multi-pump pneumatic.  Combine that with the variety of ammo you can use, and this rifle may be one of the most versatile airguns on the market! 


The 901 is a BB repeater and holds 50 BBs.  As a pellet shooter, it's a single-shot. Newly designed, it has an advanced composite stock and forearm.  For increased accuracy, the airgun has a rifled steel barrel, a TruGlo fiber optic front sight and an adjustable rear sight.  If you want to eliminate small rodents, mount a scope on the dovetails to get even more accuracy.

call 903-571-1873

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