Daisy 1938 Red Ryder Kit
Code: PY-856
$59.99   $71.99

call 903-571-1873

Kit includes: Red Ryder air rifle, safety glasses, 2 ShatterBlast stakes, 8 ShatterBlast targets, 1,050 BBs (3 loaders with 350 BBs each) and a Red Ryder collectible tin with 500 BBs.

Has a steel lever for robust use! The legendary Red Ryder! Who hasn't wanted one of these? Daisy's 1938 Red Ryder model is still a favorite of boys and girls (and men and women). Suitable for shooters 10 and older (with adult supervision), this lever-action spring rifle is lightweight, easy to cock and durable.

The solid wood forearm and engraved wood stock are just the right length for young shooters.With a capacity of 650 BBs (Never shoot BBs at hard objects!), you'll be shooting all day long! The rifle comes with a blade and ramp front sight and an adjustable open rear sight. It has a stamped metal receiver.

This rifle is perfect for plinking, shooting paper targets and for training new shooters.

Lever-action BB rifle holds 650 BBs. This rifle is NOT designed for a scope.

The Red Ryder is intended for shooting targets UP TO 5 meters away...about 16.5 feet! Safety glasses for the shooter and everyone else in the vicinity are necessary, as BBs can bounce back.

call 903-571-1873

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