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Even if you don't shoot metallic silhouettes, you'll want the Crosman 2300S! This pistol is drop-dead accurate and was purpose-made by Crosman to give your competitors a real run for their money.

Instead of putting their own barrel on the gun, Crosman put a choked Lothar Walther on it. If you want to win matches, you have to use the best there is, and Lothar Walther is it! The 2300S has a post front sight, which sits atop an aluminum muzzle weight. The rear Williams sight is an airgunner's dream come true. The crisp detent stops on this all-metal sight let you home in on your target so exactly, that others will be amazed at your new-found shooting skills. The single-stage trigger is adjustable down to 1 lb., plus there's an overtravel screw. There's a thumbrest on each side of the synthetic grips. For even greater control, the 2300S has two power levels. High is about 520 fps, low is about 440. You'll get over 60 shots with consistent velocity from a CO2 Powerlet.

Besides shooting silhouette, this'll make a great gun for plinking, spinners, popping tin cans and more.

The perfect silhouette pistol! Two power levels, Williams sight, over 60 shots per CO2 Powerlet!

call 903-571-1873

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