Air Venturi Crow Mag Muzzlebrake, Fits RWS 34, 34P, 45 & 350 Magnum Rifles and Beeman R-Series Rifles, 5.25"Long, OD, Black
Code: PY-A-2965
$25.95   $40.00

call 903-571-1873
Muzzlebrake 5.25"long .630"inside diameter Fits RWS 34, 34P, 45 and 350 Magnum rifles and Beeman R-series rifles Has 3 set screws Front sights on the guns must be removed to attach muzzlebrake Installation instructions:
    The front sight is removed, the muzzlebrake sleeves over the end of the barrel and the brake is then secured with the set screws. You will probably have to file down the grooved area where the front sight attaches for the brake to slide over the barrel. When the factory grooves the top (muzzle end) of the barrel for sight installation, there will be two raised areas that can cause the muzzlebrake to bind if you donÆt file them down. You can always reattach your front sight, as only a small amount of the grooves are removed.
call 903-571-1873

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