RWS Spring Cylinder Oil
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For spring-piston guns.


1) After each shooting session run a lightly
oiled cloth over all gun metal.
RWS Spring Cylinder Oil works great for
this application.

2) At 100 shot intervals, clean gun barrel
with RWS Felt Cleaning Pellets.
Insert two of the correct caliber felt pellets
into the breech end of barrel. Push
cleaning pellets through barrel with an
RWS Flexible Cleaning Rod and repeat
process until felt pellets appear clean when
exiting the muzzle.

3) At 1,000 shot intervals apply two drops of
RWS Chamber Lube down in the
compression chamber port. This is most
easily accomplished with the use of
an RWS 3 ½"applicator needle. This oil is
a non-petroleum based lubricant
specifically formulated for this application. Regular types of petroleum based oils
applied in this area will cause your gun to
diesel. Dieseling is the explosion resulting
from oil being ignited in the compression
chamber due to the extreme air temperature
created when the gun is discharged.


4) At 1,000 shot intervals apply one drop of
RWS Chamber Lube to the breech seal. The breech seal is a rubberized O-ring
located at the back of the barrel where the
pellet is seated. This will extend the life of
the O-ring and ensure a positive seal.

5) At 1,000 shot intervals apply six drops of
RWS Spring Cylinder Oil to the main
spring of gun. The stock must be removed
to access this area. After the stock has been
removed, you can see coils of the main
spring through an opening on the
underneath side of gun.

6) At 1,000 shot intervals apply one drop of
RWS Spring Cylinder Oil to all hinge or
pivot points on the gun.

7) At 1,000 shot intervals clean the rifle
bore with a non-ammonia based bore
cleaner. Apply this solution to a felt
cleaning pellet and pass through the barrel
from the breech end whenever possible. Then, use a bore brush with nylon bristles
(no metal brush) to further loosen up
remaining deposits of lead and debris. After
this process, once again use the bore cleaner
on felt cleaning pellets until they appear
clean upon exiting the barrel. Finally, run
dry felt cleaning pellets through the barrel
to complete the process. Note: On break
barrel rifles use a clean cloth to wipe any
remaining bore cleaner residue from the
breech seal.

8) At 1,000 shot intervals run a lightly oiled
patch through the barrel. Always push
cloth from the breech end if possible. RWS Spring Cylinder Oil works great for
this application.

For more detailed maintenance instruction or
illustrations, consult the Operation Manual that
accompanied the gun. If you cannot locate it, download PDF at: or
call RWS / Umarex USA at 1-479-646-4210
and ask for the service department.

call 903-571-1873

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