UTG Pellet & BB Trap, Ballistic Curtains, Paper Targets, Steel Backer
Code: PY-A-3567
$27.95   $32.95

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This robust trap from UTG can take a hit from steel BBs and powerful pellet guns. The trap's polymer body helps control ricochet, and the ballistic curtains slow down steel BBs and pellets as they enter the trap. Ballistic curtains help keep the ammo inside the trap, reducing your exposure to lead fragments and lead dust.

Shooters and spectators should always wear safety glasses. Never use this trap with ammo other than the ones listed above. Remember to check the steel backer and replace it if it shows wear. Regularly replace the cardboard to help control ricochets. Do not use this airgun trap with any caliber larger than .177. Do not shoot at it with firearms (even if the velocity is under 1200 fps).

  • UTG BB & pellet trap
  • Polymer trap
  • Ballistic curtains slow your projectiles and help keep them in the trap
  • Steel backer
  • Cardboard for attaching targets
  • For steel BBs and .177 cal lead airgun pellets with a max muzzle velocity of 1200 fps
  • Use from a distance of at least 30 feet
  • Do not use with pointed pellets, darts, arrows, bolts or slingshot ammo
  • Do not shoot at this with firearms
  • 8"x9.75"x9.75"
  • Includes 6 paper targets
call 903-571-1873

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