AirForce Edge Flexi-Weight Kit, 1 Weight, 1 O-Ring
Code: PY-A-3837
$6.95   $7.95

call 903-571-1873
AirForce Edge Flexi-Weight kit Mount on frame or muzzle ext. of an Edge air rifle Redistributes weight for the needs of any shooter O-rings secure the weights Includes 1 weight and 1 o-ring

If your AirForce Edge air rifle is used by more than one shooter or you've got a shooter who's growing and needs to adjust the gun's weight depending on height and growth, then these Flexi-Weights are the ideal way to accommodate change. Rapidly put them on and take them off. Easy to attach additional weights, too. Simply slide on and hold tight with the included o-ring.
call 903-571-1873

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