Airburst MegaBoom Supersonic Target System (STS), Pressure Gauge
Code: PY-A-5220
$94.95   $129.99

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  • Airburst MegaBoom Supersonic Target System (STS)
  • Includes oil-filled air pressure gauge
  • Attach plastic soda or water bottles for some shootin' fun!
  • Shooter and all other people in the area should be at least 15 feet from the STS when the bottle is shot
  • Directions included
  • Up to 150 decibels of boom!
According to the manufacturer, lightweight pellets will penetrate the bottles and exhaust all the air but will not cause a supersonic boom (the bottle doesn't blow up). In .22 caliber, they told us that the lightest pellet that blows up the bottle and causes a boom weighs 14.3 grains. They have not provided a minimum-weight projectile for any other caliber. However, the manufacturer states that slingshot ammo will blow up the bottle (and cause a boom), which suggests that the weight of the projectile is more important than speed.
call 903-571-1873

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