Paper Shooters Shells and Mold, 12 Shells
Code: PY-A-6640
$9.99   $12.99

call 903-571-1873
Spit Happens... Less reloading, more blasting, more "splat!" Be on the safe side, you don't want to be caught short of ammo when the battle starts. So make your own! Before battle commences, the 'soft- splat' ammo is soaked in water to ensure a satisfying splat, then carefully placed into each shell. These are then loaded into the magazine- lock it up and you're ready to go! The 'soft-splat' ammo will stick to the target so you always know what you've hit! Cleaner than spitballs... more accurate than watermelon seeds... and exploding with fun that leaves you with a smile every time!
call 903-571-1873

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